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Nerdy caffeine connoisseur seeks housemate. [06 Sep 2010|02:33am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

This is actually my community only journal. But anyhow:

The bedroom is unfurnished, but I have a television, couch, and old school video games in the living room, as well as kitchen stuff. The unit is on the ground floor, contains a washing machine and dryer, and is terrifically spacious.

The rent would be, to start out, 340 each plus utilities. This will decrease if/when a third person eventually moves in. The complex has 24 hour pool and gym and pets are allowed. It's located on the 13 bus line, about 8 minutes from UF campus by bus or car.

About me: . I am irresponsibly fond of coffee, tea, and most variants thereof. I own a cappucino machine (which is actually at my parents' house at the moment). Otherwise, I am a graduate student (in Classics) and enjoy spending my free time reading, playing video games, and messing with electronics. I love to play Humans vs Zombies and watch/read cartoons/comics. I also paint and do crafty things on occasion. I can cook and enjoy cooking (am strict vegetarian) and I plan to get my cat from my parents' house, but wouldn't mind a housemate with a dog, as long as it wouldn't eat my cat.

I am flexible; I like to drink sometimes but don't want to live in a constant party. I do not smoke cigarettes but do have a hookah. Would prefer that smoking be limited to outdoors on the patio. I wouldn't mind a disorganised housemate, as long as the clutter isn't unsanitary.

Most importantly of all: You must be able to be approved to live here, because I need to not be the only person on the lease. If we get along, and you're approved, you can move in ASAP.

X-posted, with variations, all over the place.

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iced coffee kaluha [19 Aug 2010|03:06am]

looks like its been 3 years since anyone posted in here. places charge so much for iced coffee. even mcdonalds $2 seems like alot. so i tried making my own: brew strong coffee and put pot in fridge, then get tall glass, fill half full with ice, a generous splash of milk or cream, a good splash of kaluha, and fill with chilled coffee, stir. i'm using the kaluha mocha flavor, but they also make hazelnut and vanilla. available at liquour stores.
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Apartment for Rent [17 Jul 2007|08:45pm]

$650 - ***2/1 in NW Gainesville***

NW 41st Ave. (near NW 6th St.)
Pets Welcome
Smokers Allowed

2 bedroom 1 bath (duplex)
big yard
quiet neighborhood
plenty of parking
hardwood floors
water and laundry included
new central air and heat
near 6th street and 39th avenue NW
publix is in walking distance
RTS stops: the 6 and the 15
15 min bike ride to SFCC or UF
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HOLY CRAP!!!! [10 May 2007|10:27am]

Call me gross... but i found a cappucino machine on the side of the road... and took it... and cleaned it... and it works perfectly... 

it even had some coffee left in it (ick!) that couldn't have been more than a day old... AND it was out with a bunch of other perfeclty good stuff (couch, printer, mattress, computer chair....)

I know it sounds gross, but growing up in gainesville, sometimes its just too much to handle to see what these students throw out before summer...

you would think they would donate the junk... but that would be too much work wouldn't it?

And why bother trying to salvage any of it, when daddy will just buy them a new one next semester?!

anywhooo, back on topic, it works fine... yummmy for me!!!     (plus it came with a chair!!! =P...)
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Burr grinder [08 Apr 2007|02:51pm]

Where can I find a decent burr grinder in Gainesville? Any brand recommendations in particular? I looked up the ones they're selling at Starbucks, and they appear to be crap.

Side note: I think the burr grinder they use at the Starbucks on Archer Rd (across from Butler plaza) is broken. I got ground coffee there and some pieces are huge and some are really fine. The whole point of a burr grinder is a consistent grind, isn't it?
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ROOMMATE NEEDED [03 Dec 2006|02:51am]

for male in a 2/1

$325Mo. + ½ of utilities (FREE water + laundry)
Available December 1st No deposit!
6 month sublease with option to extend
5.5 miles from UF / 6.5 miles from SFCC
1 block to bus stop for the 15 and the 6
recently renovated, quite, NW duplex
huge yard
walk to Publix
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Acoustic Nights at Coffee Culture [12 Jul 2006|04:17pm]

As of this upcoming Tuesday (July 18th), Coffee Culture on University Avenue will be hosting weekly acoustic jams.  We will provide one guitar and a small amp (for anyone who would like to bring a bass) to start everyone off, but if you plan to participate, please bring your own equipment if possible.  I'd love to see some hand drums in action, so those of you that have them, bring them!
Coffee Culture is located at 1221 West University Avenue, right next to TIS Bookstore.  The jams will start at 8:00pm, and will run until either everyone disappears or I get tired and kick you all out.

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more coffee on university [01 Jul 2006|08:49am]

[ mood | tired ]

I know there are a number of coffee spots along university, but I wanted to make a note of the new Coffee Culture location there.  It's right next to TIS Bookstore (a few doors down from Leonardo's), and shares the space with Smoothie Supreme.

All the same drinks as our other locations, but fewer baked goods available.  The store is not as comfortable/inviting as our 13th St location, but I'm going to be trying to improve that....possibilities include couches, artwork, and weekly live music.  In the meantime though, if you happen to be strolling down university, please stop in...we need the business!  (usually open 8-7, monday through saturday, closed today)

Current specials: $2 small vanilla latte, caramel latte, or mocha, hot or iced.

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Deja Brew... another review [07 Mar 2006|01:51pm]

I was disappointed today when I found out the iced toddy is only offered during the summer. Lies.Collapse )
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Starbucks [09 Jan 2006|08:53pm]

I hate to admit it, but after years of being an avid tea drinker, I'm starting to apprecaite coffee, and it's all thanks to Starbucks. My girlfriend works for the evil lord, and she introduced me to their coffee. I can drink it black, no sugar, whereas I have always previously required more milk and suger than coffee.

Now that I know what good coffee can taste like, I've been branching out and trying it at other places. Now, just because I *can* drink it black doesn't mean that's my favorite way to drink it. I like a soy mocha with a few shots of espresso, and I also like black coffee with a couple pumps of mocha, because chocolate and coffee belong together. mmmmm.

Anyway, so I've been pretty disappointed with Maudes, it seems their prices aren't much (any?) better, and the coffee has been worse, and I think they might have forgotten to put the espresso in my mocha, 'cause I couldn't taste it at all. Coffee culture's mocha lattes have been pretty good, though I think I'm going to ask for more espresso next time, and I haven't tried just their plain coffee (or wish mocha). How is it?

I wish they sold coffee in smaller increments because I don't drink very much, so 90% a regular sized bag would go to waste with me, especially since after it's been open for a couple of days I can't stand it.
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Mochanow. [25 Oct 2005|06:10pm]

After hearing much buzz about Mochanow and their fresh, French pressed coffee... I finally got a taste of my own.
DELICIOUS! I've never had french pressed coffee, so I have nothing of it's kind to compare it to - but you can definitely tell it hasn't been sitting in a vacuum sealed bag, on the shelf for weeks. I had a 16oz. French Roast with some hazelnut and soy. Very smooth. Reasonable prices - and they carry Sweetwater coffee and espresso (that would be your local, organic, fair-trade coffee roaster!)
The downfall of Mochanow obviously being their location which is a teeny bathroom-sized building on 13th just south of Archer. Not much in the way of ambiance, but still worth it.

Mochanow - A+

On another note, the other day some friends and myself had 3 different desserts at Deja Brew which were all hard and stale.
(I should've said something, but I felt bad - and I ALWAYS tell people not to feel bad, that feedback is helpful and you shouldn't pay for something nasty. Easier said than done... I just didn't want to deal with it.)
Be sure to ask if the item you want is fresh before you pay for it!
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A bit of guilt... [07 Sep 2005|12:17am]

[ mood | insomniatic ]

...I drink a lot of coffee. Way too much, if given the opportunity. So I'm a bit disappointed that I've tried, on numerous occasions & with numerous menu items, to like Coffee Culture. I'm all for supporting local businesses, but everything I've had there... just tastes weird. I think the only thing I've been able to tolerate is the Americana; regular coffee, a myriad of lattes... ick.

Is it just me? Am I doing something wrong? I don't think they're seeking vengeance by poisoning my coffee... I tried again this morning, and couldn't help but think how nice it will be when Starbucks opens that new store on 16th & 13th so I'll have another option on my way to work. [sigh]

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de ja brew [06 Sep 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

If you are a fan of iced espresso drinks, I HIGHLY recommend the Iced Toddy at deja brew. The espresso is made especially for iced drinks, cold brewed. It is really dee-lish; I added hazelnut to mine which was incredible. And if any of you that I know see those deja brew coupons, please save some for me as my coffee addiction is getting expensive!

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Java / Coffee Culture comparison [31 Aug 2005|01:09am]

Looks like this might be the first post. I figure this is the appropriate place to go into it...I know that some Java regulars are moving over to Coffee Culture, and I also know that Coffee Culture is in the bidding to move into where Java was. So since I used to work at Java, and am just starting at Coffee Culture, I thought I'd let people know about the place, and what they can expect to be different, for better or worse.

Except for me, all new faces. Some weird folks over there but so far they all seem pretty cool, and the owners emphasize continuous training so they should know what they're doing. The owner is a guy named Mike, real cool guy.

Similar. Couches, honor library, some games, some outdoor seating. Music is up to the barrista, but kept at a decent volume, so same as at Java. Decent place to read (if only it were closer to campus!). Also, 3 computers (soon to be 5), and free wireless.

The important part! Some ex-java folk have complained to me about the mochas at Coffee Culture. I made one for myself and it tasted fine, and I made it the way everyone there is supposed to be making it. Maybe someone's messing up though.
Basically, they use pretty similar formula for their drinks, as far as amounts of syrup, espresso, and milk. They use different beans, same milk, and different syrups. For cold drinks they use a cold-brewed espresso, which is supposed to be sweeter and have more caffeine. This might mean a sweeter drink overall, so maybe ask for less syrup if that's a concern.
*If you want skim milk, you have to ask. If you don't ask, it defaults to whole milk.
For frozen drinks, they use the same equipment but a very different formula. Instead of the ice cream base we used at Java, they use milk in combination with a powder base. Comes out good, but a different consistency. Thicker than I'm used to making it, I think. You can also have it made with skim milk. Unless you specify, it comes in a medium. They also make some smoothies.
Their chai should be exactly the same.
I'm told their dark roast coffee is really good, but they don't carry any mild roasts. One kind of brewed coffee and that's it. So no more rainforest, which sucks, but the dark is supposed to be good.
No cokes! This kind of sucks, but the owner feels it would hurt coffee sales. They have free water but no cokes or juices.

More expensive across the board. There's also a .50 charge for using a card on purchases less than $5, so bring cash if you can. The price difference isn't huge, but just so you're not too surprised. Maybe it goes to pay for the wireless...

Some vegan items, same muffins as Java, assorted desserts (truffles, brownies, toffee bars, all that crap).

That's all I can think of. I loved Java, but this place seems pretty cool, so I'm happy to be there. Let's just hope they can get that spot where Java used to be.
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