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After hearing much buzz about Mochanow and their fresh, French pressed coffee... I finally got a taste of my own.
DELICIOUS! I've never had french pressed coffee, so I have nothing of it's kind to compare it to - but you can definitely tell it hasn't been sitting in a vacuum sealed bag, on the shelf for weeks. I had a 16oz. French Roast with some hazelnut and soy. Very smooth. Reasonable prices - and they carry Sweetwater coffee and espresso (that would be your local, organic, fair-trade coffee roaster!)
The downfall of Mochanow obviously being their location which is a teeny bathroom-sized building on 13th just south of Archer. Not much in the way of ambiance, but still worth it.

Mochanow - A+

On another note, the other day some friends and myself had 3 different desserts at Deja Brew which were all hard and stale.
(I should've said something, but I felt bad - and I ALWAYS tell people not to feel bad, that feedback is helpful and you shouldn't pay for something nasty. Easier said than done... I just didn't want to deal with it.)
Be sure to ask if the item you want is fresh before you pay for it!
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