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Deja Brew... another review

I was disappointed today when I found out the iced toddy is only offered during the summer. Lies. I had one during the fall... I guess it's a new rule. Anyway, it was good because it made me try something new. I got the cafe con leche (basically a latte with a cuban shot... espresso with carmelized sugar - and this is probably different than a traditional cuban shot, I've never actually had one). I had it with soy and added some hazelnut syrup (because I add hazelnut to all of my coffee drinks) and it was - pardon my language - FUCKING AWESOME. It was much different than a regular latte. It's absolutely my new favorite drink! The barista gave me the perfect layer of foam and the perfect amount of hazelnut. I'm so sad it's over.

My bagel was alright, although it was given to me in saran wrap. A plate would've been nice, but they were busy and I didn't want to ask. I was afraid to buy food because the last time I went, I bought a brazilian cheese biscuit and a slice of lemon-poppy cake and both were horribly stale. I empathize with small businesses when it comes to food because it's hard to make enough sales to rotate products in a cost-efficient manner. So while I will eye the bakery warily, I won't bitch.

On another note, after becoming mildly depressed about the iced toddy being on hiatus, I said, "You guys should take it off the menu." The girl responded that changing the menu takes a long time and a lot of money and has to be approved blablabla. Err, yeah, ok.
1) Deja Brew is owned by the owners of Target Copy, how exactly is reprinting or cost of reprinting an issue?
2) Approved by whom? It's not like this is some corporate company where it takes months for the higher-ups to approve every bit of literature that is on display. I'm sure the decision-makers walk by the counter every day.
I understand as an employee there is pressure to give a "good answer". I just wasn't pleased with this one. Fuck reprinting; you could easily cover that line on the menu with a piece of paper and it wouldn't look ghetto. AND it would save customers like me the disappointment of waiting in line for a very awesome drink, only to be saddened that the menu is mistaken.

I was pleased with today's experience and I look forward to my next visit!
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