The Outsider (daemonicwhim) wrote in gville_coffee,
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more coffee on university

I know there are a number of coffee spots along university, but I wanted to make a note of the new Coffee Culture location there.  It's right next to TIS Bookstore (a few doors down from Leonardo's), and shares the space with Smoothie Supreme.

All the same drinks as our other locations, but fewer baked goods available.  The store is not as comfortable/inviting as our 13th St location, but I'm going to be trying to improve that....possibilities include couches, artwork, and weekly live music.  In the meantime though, if you happen to be strolling down university, please stop in...we need the business!  (usually open 8-7, monday through saturday, closed today)

Current specials: $2 small vanilla latte, caramel latte, or mocha, hot or iced.
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