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Java / Coffee Culture comparison

Looks like this might be the first post. I figure this is the appropriate place to go into it...I know that some Java regulars are moving over to Coffee Culture, and I also know that Coffee Culture is in the bidding to move into where Java was. So since I used to work at Java, and am just starting at Coffee Culture, I thought I'd let people know about the place, and what they can expect to be different, for better or worse.

Except for me, all new faces. Some weird folks over there but so far they all seem pretty cool, and the owners emphasize continuous training so they should know what they're doing. The owner is a guy named Mike, real cool guy.

Similar. Couches, honor library, some games, some outdoor seating. Music is up to the barrista, but kept at a decent volume, so same as at Java. Decent place to read (if only it were closer to campus!). Also, 3 computers (soon to be 5), and free wireless.

The important part! Some ex-java folk have complained to me about the mochas at Coffee Culture. I made one for myself and it tasted fine, and I made it the way everyone there is supposed to be making it. Maybe someone's messing up though.
Basically, they use pretty similar formula for their drinks, as far as amounts of syrup, espresso, and milk. They use different beans, same milk, and different syrups. For cold drinks they use a cold-brewed espresso, which is supposed to be sweeter and have more caffeine. This might mean a sweeter drink overall, so maybe ask for less syrup if that's a concern.
*If you want skim milk, you have to ask. If you don't ask, it defaults to whole milk.
For frozen drinks, they use the same equipment but a very different formula. Instead of the ice cream base we used at Java, they use milk in combination with a powder base. Comes out good, but a different consistency. Thicker than I'm used to making it, I think. You can also have it made with skim milk. Unless you specify, it comes in a medium. They also make some smoothies.
Their chai should be exactly the same.
I'm told their dark roast coffee is really good, but they don't carry any mild roasts. One kind of brewed coffee and that's it. So no more rainforest, which sucks, but the dark is supposed to be good.
No cokes! This kind of sucks, but the owner feels it would hurt coffee sales. They have free water but no cokes or juices.

More expensive across the board. There's also a .50 charge for using a card on purchases less than $5, so bring cash if you can. The price difference isn't huge, but just so you're not too surprised. Maybe it goes to pay for the wireless...

Some vegan items, same muffins as Java, assorted desserts (truffles, brownies, toffee bars, all that crap).

That's all I can think of. I loved Java, but this place seems pretty cool, so I'm happy to be there. Let's just hope they can get that spot where Java used to be.
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