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Nerdy caffeine connoisseur seeks housemate.

This is actually my community only journal. But anyhow:

The bedroom is unfurnished, but I have a television, couch, and old school video games in the living room, as well as kitchen stuff. The unit is on the ground floor, contains a washing machine and dryer, and is terrifically spacious.

The rent would be, to start out, 340 each plus utilities. This will decrease if/when a third person eventually moves in. The complex has 24 hour pool and gym and pets are allowed. It's located on the 13 bus line, about 8 minutes from UF campus by bus or car.

About me: . I am irresponsibly fond of coffee, tea, and most variants thereof. I own a cappucino machine (which is actually at my parents' house at the moment). Otherwise, I am a graduate student (in Classics) and enjoy spending my free time reading, playing video games, and messing with electronics. I love to play Humans vs Zombies and watch/read cartoons/comics. I also paint and do crafty things on occasion. I can cook and enjoy cooking (am strict vegetarian) and I plan to get my cat from my parents' house, but wouldn't mind a housemate with a dog, as long as it wouldn't eat my cat.

I am flexible; I like to drink sometimes but don't want to live in a constant party. I do not smoke cigarettes but do have a hookah. Would prefer that smoking be limited to outdoors on the patio. I wouldn't mind a disorganised housemate, as long as the clutter isn't unsanitary.

Most importantly of all: You must be able to be approved to live here, because I need to not be the only person on the lease. If we get along, and you're approved, you can move in ASAP.

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