Jesssssssssssssssssssssie? (fuckering) wrote in gville_coffee,


Call me gross... but i found a cappucino machine on the side of the road... and took it... and cleaned it... and it works perfectly... 

it even had some coffee left in it (ick!) that couldn't have been more than a day old... AND it was out with a bunch of other perfeclty good stuff (couch, printer, mattress, computer chair....)

I know it sounds gross, but growing up in gainesville, sometimes its just too much to handle to see what these students throw out before summer...

you would think they would donate the junk... but that would be too much work wouldn't it?

And why bother trying to salvage any of it, when daddy will just buy them a new one next semester?!

anywhooo, back on topic, it works fine... yummmy for me!!!     (plus it came with a chair!!! =P...)
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