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Greetings coffee-enthusiasts, tea-lovers, book-readers, chess-players, students, troglodytes etc.

This community has been created in memory of the Java Lounge, the Gainesville coffee shop of 6 years that was a second home to many.
The intial goal is to give the regulars and employees of our beloved coffee shop a place to chat it up, but people are welcome to join to discuss the local coffee shops - as a matter of fact, anything coffee related goes! Feel free to rant about crappy prices and grinds in your espresso, or share a good experience you had. Anything goes. Well, let's exclude discussing how coffee gives you diarrhea. That can be reserved for your personal journal.

No actual moderation will be taking place, unless someone gets rude or stupid - then posts will just be deleted accordingly.

Coffee Spot Links:

  • Java Lounge's original Livejournal
  • Maude's Classic Cafe in Downtown Gainesville
  • deja brew cafe [no link yet]
  • Christian Study Center of Gainesville
  • Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company - Florida's ONLY Organic Coffee Roaster and Store
  • Coffee Culture on NW 13th Street [no website - just an address and map]
  • Coffee Culture on NW 43rd Street [no website - just an address and map]
  • Starbucks
  • I Hate Starbucks